What we offer

Words words words. There are so many words when it comes to leadership.
Although they are meaningful and well-intentioned, words alone don´t create any change.

But when a leader stands out as a role model, things start to happen.

In Leadership Lighthouse we create role models. We help leaders to be aware of the part of their leadership we call Leadership Presence - the communicative leadership.

We focus on five parameters. Trust, Responsibility, Authority, Presence and Courage.

The leaders who succeed in integrating these 5 parameters in their leadership have up to 20% more high performers among their employees. That is a strong business case.

We believe that everyone deserves an authentic leader who can focus and excite.

What we do

We provide tailored services for our customers - every time. We do this because our starting-point is always the client's specific needs. And we use the time that is needed to make the customer's needs to appear clear both to us and to the customer.

We care about your business. We insist that at the end of the day what we will strenghen your bottom line.

We also care about human beings. It is people who work well together, who create results.

In the diverse universe called "life in a workplace", we have chosen to focus on the part that is about communicative leadership.

We specialize in consulting, training, coaching and teaching. We do workshops, assessments, feedback and we conducts courses. We include video when appropriate.

Lighthouse Coaching

individual coaching and team coaching. Takes place at Leadership Lighthouse in Aalborg or Aarhus - or at the customers location. We also have good experience in coaching via Skype or per. telephone (first session always face-to-face).

Lighthouse Impact

A video based 360 degree qualitative measurement with emphasis on the leader´s abilitys to establish trust, take responsibility, be an authority, be present and courageous. Lighthouse Impact is typically followed by a development plan that runs for 6-10 months.

Lighthouse Presentation

Our method to help leaders and others to get their messages across in an authentic and compelling way. We are not trying to turn anyone into someone else. Instead, we focus on strengthening the communication skills that are already present, and so we try to clean up some of the bad habits or misunderstandings that stand in the way of powerful communication.

Lighthouse Intensive

Our residential program focusing on Leadership Presence and personal leadership. We keep both open courses and closed courses for individual companies. We advertise our open courses here on the site and on LinkedIn.

The better you know yourself - your reaction patterns, your habits, your strengths - the greater are your chances of succeeding in your leadership.

And how do you get to know yourself?

A bit simplified the formula can look like this: Time + suitable framework + sufficient disturbance. The suitable framework can be eg. Gl. Brydegaard on Funen, the small island,Egholm, in Limfjorden or Schur Conference Center by Horsens Fjord.

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Who we are

Leadership Lighthouse is a consultancy company with a special focus on leadership and leadership communication. The company, founded in 2012, is owned by Mette Madsen Dam and Kim Fogh.

We live in Jutland, but work throughout Denmark and also abroad.

Theoretically, we are inspired by both existentialism, action learning, systemic thinking and social constructivism. But first and foremost, we are pragmatic and concerned with finding effective ways to help our customers achieve their goals.

Besides our educations we draw on our years of experience as leaders in both private and state-owned enterprises.

We work with some of the country's leading specialists in the areas we don’t master ourselves.

Mette Madsen Dam

MBA - Organizational Psychology
Cand. MA in Media Studies from the University of Aarhus, organization and management from the University of Roskilde.
Worked at: Danmarks Radio, Vestas Wind Systems

 +45 2086 5161

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Kim Fogh

Kim holds a Master in Learning Processes and Organizational Coaching from the University of Aalborg. He is a certified Advanced Business Coach from Columibia University, New York and a Journalist from the Danish School of Journalism. He has worked at TV2, Danish Broadcasting Corporation and Vestas Wind Systems

+45 2363 5370

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Jakob Wolf

Jacob is Head of the Technical Section at A-Flight of Eskadrille 722, the Danish Air Force. He is a trained aircraft mechanic in the Air force. Jakob is an educated Coach and a Pathfinder. Before his current position, he worked as a Paramedic and a Flight Engineer at the Air Force Rescue Helicopter


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Our five parameters

A leader´s success can be measured by how well his employees are performing. The leaders, who succeed, are often very aware of the 5 parameters we call Leadership Presence.


This is where it all starts. Trust is about meeting other people with an open mind. When people´s work is based on trust, they can be open and curious and share their ideas freely. In that state creative solutions are invented.

In Leadership Lighthouse we strengthen the leader´s awareness of how he communicates with confidence. Through this he builds the strongest foundation for cooperation, confidence and team spirit.


When the leader takes full responsibility he also obtains all the power that lies in knowing that he is ready to do everything it takes to reach his goals. Leadership Presence and responsibility go hand in hand.

Because responsibility strengthens the ability for both leaders and employees to effectively achieve their goals, at the same time as they boost motivation and job satisfaction.

It requires great discipline and self-awareness to master responsibility. In Leadership Lighthouse we train leaders and employees to become proficient in noticing when they disclaim responsibility and to think proactively and responsibly.


There are many stereotypes about authority, so therefore we often say "A natural authority " when we work with this core competence in Leadership Presence.

Being an authority - in the value-creating way - is about clarity in leadership. Here, the leaders justify why it makes sense to spend so many hours working at exactly this place of work. A way to do that is through telling credible stories about how everyone can help to create value, development and learning.

In Leadership Lighthouse, we help leaders find their natural authority at it´s best, no matter if they need to adjust up or down.


A hard-to-define abstraction, but nonetheless very powerful in a work context.

When we work with presence, we focus both on being present with yourself- and presence with others. A leader who masters both disciplines is extremely strong when it comes to creating relationships.

We define presence as the ability to do one thing at a time. And to do this one thing comepletely.
The ability to be present - like almost everything else - can be trained and refined. In Leadership Lighthouse we specialize in this discipline.


Courageous leaders create remarkable results!

As a rule, we know very well what it takes to get closer to a desired goal. The reason why we might still not take action is often related to lack of courage.

Courage to go beyond what we know - and the courage to stick to a decision.

When courage is too much, we call it recklessness. That is the balance leaders must try to keep - and there is no guarantee that the formula that worked yesterday will work tomorrow.

In Leadership Lighthouse we aim to enhance the ability of the leader to move in an open and uncertain landscape - without losing focus.

A selection of our partners

We think of our customers as partners. Because we stand united to find solutions and we need each other's knowledge and experience.

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Jupitervej 11
8270 Højbjerg

Østerågade 25, 1.
9000 Aalborg

Kim Fogh
 +45 2363 5370

Mette Madsen Dam
 +45 2086 5161

 Leadership Lighthouse on LinkedIn